How do make your own media streaming server and deploy it within your office?

Media streaming server, which is also commonly known as the live streaming engine is easy to develop. What you would need is a team of experts like us to guide you and help you in developing your own live video streaming solution.

There are several streaming provider available but who is truly certified to complete your solution with the best quality and support you till the end to sustain your video streaming project? Only the live-streaming-server team is truly certified and can do a fantastic job when it comes to live video streaming using the cutting edge media streaming server software and technologies.

Hire us. We’re John,Matthew, Abraham and Kevin.

Kevin specializes in WebRTC,RTMP,RTSP and other realtime protocols. Kevin graduated from the university of Pennsylvania.

John is the co-founder who also takes care of the latest cutting edge HTML5 technology development. He specializes in java and tools surrounding that.John joined us after working with IBM for over 20 years.

Abraham specializes in C and C++. He advises us on performance, scalability and high availability.Abraham joined us from Accenture. His experience also helps us go cutting edge with the latest and greatest web and media on demand tools.

Matthew takes care of all the marketing of all of our live video streaming solutions. He goes out to meet our customers from across the globe. We call him the Pilot since he keeps traveling all the time.


We hope we can satisfy your next live streaming cloud or server requirement using all of our expertises put together. We wish you all the best as you continue to build and develop the best live streaming platform using the best team.


Live Streaming Server team.