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Hi there, we’re a team of people who provide consulting on the live streaming solution that we found to be the best and that is the Livebox server. We have tried several solutions through out the years and we ended up providing solutions using Livebox after using wowza, evostream,Red5 and others.

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Now,moving on to our story of how we concluded with the product that we chose, here’s how we started.We started using different video streaming solutions.

After reviewing a couple of live streaming servers, we have selected one best streaming server. Check out our reviews on the following products :

  1. Livebox server
  2. Wowza
  3. Evostream
  4. Red5
  5. Antmedia
  6. Mistserver
  7. NGinx

There is quite a close competition between the contenders. However, our award goes to the best all rounder.

After a lot of research reports from various teams in different lab setups, our final conclusion is that Livebox is the best web streaming server in terms of speed, security and scalability. The pricing is the icing on the cake. It’s the lowest priced all inclusive live streaming solution in the market today.

Not only that,Livebox is the only product that includes free support, playout software,IPTV and mixing software. With any other solution, you would have to purchase each of those solutions separately and not to mention the humongous cost.

Many streaming providers charge for support but the one that we recommend does not have any additional charges for 24×7 Phone, E-mail and Remote support. Can you imagine a place where real people provide support at no additional cost?

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